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Our know-how and our state-of-the-art technologies ensure the highest quality of our products. It is throughout the whole procedure guaranteed that all process parameters are monitored and logged. Applying this strict in-process control we guarantee the precision and consistency of our precious metal platings. We choose our method of production, i.e. fully automatic or manual, depending on your individual requirements and the base materials. Our processing line includes the subsequent sealing of the surfaces.

Fully-automatic electroplating

Our ultra-modern electroplating plant assembled in a 45 m line uses a fully automatic laser-guided process to refine parts either at the rack or in drums depending on the media size.

Base materials Steel, stainless steel, white and yellow bronze casting, brass,
zinc die-casting
Coating Galvanic gold-plating (Auruna®) with different gold electrolytes . non-precious metals . White bronze & Yellow bronze (Miralloy®) . Electroless Nickel Mid Phos . Electroless Nickel High Phos
Maximum workpiece size 2000 mm x 1200 x ca. 300 mm

Semi-automatic electroplating

The advantage of the coating processes using our semi-automatic electroplating plant is that large-surface profiles can be machined with maximum process monitoring and without costly reworking, allowing the refinement of products with demanding geometries, even with up to 16 meters, in the highest quality grade.

Base materials Stainless steel
Coating Galvanic gold-plating (Auruna®311) with different gold direct electrolytes
Maximum workpiece size 16.000 mm x 600 mm x 1.000 mm

Manual Electroplating

You wish the refinement of parts in smaller quantities or of decorative glassware in silver? This service is offered by us through our division Metallveredelung Daniel Proba.