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Focus on quality.

We have ambitious objectives in the area of quality.

In line with our motto of “Premium-Class Electroplating” we are introducing a living QM system in cooperation with BMaS GmbH from Markdorf. The living QM method makes the Quality Management System an active part of our daily work and puts the focus on our actual results. On the basis of living QM we will obtain DIN EN ISO 9001 certification.

We build trust with environmental protection.

Our company meets the demands made by the society. This also includes our responsibility for environmental issues, which we take very seriously. We have therefore decided to set up an Environmental Management system (EMS) according to DIN EN ISO 14001 in cooperation with BMaS GmbH.

Our objective is to use documented procedures to continuously improve the operational environmental protection and thus to conserve resources and to protect the environment.

The EMS provides an effective assistance in many areas: EMS used as an operating standard meets the requirements of environmental protection and helps us control whether we always comply with all statutory regulations and official requirements. This enables us to reduce the consequences of potential accidents and to find quicker and qualified solutions on all environmental issues. A certified EMS makes our company stronger: It gives us an edge over competitors and can help us increase our market shares. Our commitment to environmental protection builds confidence among our customers, the public and authorities.

EMS provides benefits to all stakeholders – we, our customers and the environment.